When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, many people assume that it can’t be serviced without a significant investment or that one technician can only do the work of two or three plumbers in a normal commercial setting. However, the truth is that a single certified plumbing professional can tackle many of the tasks involved in home plumbing maintenance and repair while also offering you greater value for your money. There are many myths surrounding the use of a plumbing service for your home that aren’t based in fact. Keep reading for some insight into common misconceptions regarding using a plumber for your needs—particularly when it comes to installation and how much it will cost you overall—and why they’re not true!

You shouldn’t need a plumber for installation

One of the biggest misconceptions about plumbing is that installation is always necessary, as well as the idea that only a licensed contractor can perform the job. In fact, most modern, residential plumbing systems are designed to be installed in a dry-fit environment so that contractors can complete the installation without any assistance from homeowners. This is especially true in areas where the local building codes don’t require professional installation, or where a home’s existing pipes are made of cast iron or other materials that would make it difficult to move them. In other cases, such as when pipes are made of materials that are more prone to degradation or that are located in areas that are less accessible to technicians, a licensed contractor may still be necessary.In most cases, the installer will leave their contact information, including their name, number, and company name, along with the date of installation and how much it will cost to complete the work.

A general contractor will complete the installation

Another common misconception about using a plumbing service is that a general contractor will be doing the installation. While there are plenty of contractors that specialize in general plumbing work, there are also many who focus on more specific aspects of the industry. So, while it may seem appropriate to hire a contractor to complete the installation of a plumbing system, it’s best to confirm with your local plumbing service that the company has the necessary expertise to do so. This will ensure that your installation goes smoothly, and that you don’t encounter any unexpected issues.

A general contractor will do the work for less money

Another assumption that isn’t based in fact is that you’ll get a better deal with a general contractor. While it’s possible that a company will offer lower rates for installation as part of a larger project, you should never be forced into using a general contractor simply because they’ve offered to do the work for less money. In fact, many contractors will offer lower rates for installation because they’re eager to get started on the rest of the job. If you’re not satisfied with their price, there’s no reason to think you’ll receive a better deal by working with a different company.

A general contractor will complete everything

Another false claim about working with a contractor is that they’ll be able to perform every aspect of the installation. While it’s possible that a contractor will be able to handle more than one aspect of the installation, they’ll likely be limited to a single specialty for each project. For example, a contractor may specialize in new plumbing installation, but may not be able to offer assistance with repairing existing plumbing or performing plumbing repairs. The best way to ensure that the installation goes smoothly is to engage a general plumbing service that can handle all aspects of the job.

You can DIY the installation, but only with the help of YouTube

One of the most common misconceptions about plumbing is that you can do it yourself, as long as you have YouTube. This is a common misconception, but it’s not something that you can actually do. Instead, it’s something that you can only attempt if you’re willing to take on a significant amount of risk, including risking a potentially costly mistake. While it is possible to install a plumbing system in a DIY project, you’ll need to take several steps beyond what is outlined in a YouTube video. Instead, you’ll need to hire a plumbing professional to assist you with the installation.


Whether you’re interested in hiring a plumbing service to help with your installation, repair, or other needs, there are some important things to keep in mind. First, you should always get a detailed estimate to ensure that you can estimate your overall cost before any work is performed. You should also make sure you have a clear understanding of the materials and labor included in the estimate.

Frequently Asked Question

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  • Ignoring a Plumbing Issue
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  • Have the Right Tools for the Job
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  • Use Natural Methods to Unclog Your Drains
  • Don't Put Trash in Your Garbage Disposal
  • Don't Overtighten Plumbing Connections
  • Don't Hesitate to Call for Help
Maintenance may also include inspection of your garbage disposal lines (and unit), dishwasher, and washing machine hoses and lines. Maintenance sometimes consists of a drain and flush of the water heater. If you've purchased a plumbing maintenance plan, read the fine print and always ask for clarification.
  • Over Tightening Plumbing Connections
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  • Using Drain Line Cleaners as the First Option
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